The Meaning of Life Experiment with Ashok Gupta

The Meaning of Life Experiment with Ashok Gupta

Ashok Gupta: Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Speaker,Therapist.

Download our Free Award Winning App for More Happiness, More Meaning, and Living Your Life Purpose.

The Meaning of Life Experiment is a Free App to help you discover more Happiness, more Meaning and your Life Purpose, based on the Science of Happiness. Each day you can access a powerful 10 or 20 min Meditation, a Video, and some Reflection Questions on your app, or on the website timeline.

Our Vision is: Transform Yourself, Transform Your Community, Transform the World!

To uplift Humanity’s narrative to one where we live inspired lives through the joyful expression of our shared human values. We do this be empowering ourselves to increase our awareness of limiting thoughts, emotions or behaviours through Meditation, Self-knowledge & Service, so that we may fulfil our potential.

We also believe in empowering people to make a difference in the world. By helping people discover their Life Purpose, we can create a world where people are living their potential, and enriching their communities. Through this, we can create a Conscious Change Family to support the creation of a more Conscious Society.

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